My name is Mateusz Pukło and I am a fashion designer based
in Cracow, Poland.


Mateusz Puklo is a clothing brand for man inspired by the classics and minimalism. We offer a product made of high quality materials such as wool of merino, wool with cashmere, cotton or natural leather.
Our main idea is to personalize male classic and to present it in a new form. Currently we are working on developing professional tailoring and creating woman line in the next collection.


Mateusz Pukło is a designer with a passion for painting and drawing. While creating his clothes, he pays great attention to details. While Mateusz gives his projects a designer’s original accent, he does not forget about practicality and professional realization. Designing clothes is a fulfillment of his inner need to create and the possibility of influencing surrounding reality.


Accurate planning and hard work
Precise pursue of goals
100% of initiative on every step of the way
Desire of selfimprovement
Establishing solid relationships
Accepting challenges
Respect for others

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